You’re always looking to give your business the upper hand, and sometimes that means improving upon systems you already have in place. For example, changing your current heating and cooling system to a geothermal setup can make your building more efficient, thereby saving you a load of extra cash. While geothermal heating and cooling is by no means new, it’s been gaining popularity in commercial buildings and personal residences alike because it can offer a few key benefits that set it above other available options.

1. Affordable Operation

As the owner of a commercial venture of any sort, you know that your cash flow is everything. Monthly heating and energy costs are a drain on that cash flow, which is why reducing them as much as possible is always a good idea. While the system might be expensive to install initially, the average geothermal setup boasts a 400 percent efficiency rating, and you’re sure to see the difference in your bill each month.

2. Eco-Friendliness

Use of a geothermal heating and cooling setup is by far the most environmentally safe way to change the temperature of any building. The system operation is powered using water that’s stored underground, and is notably different energy-wise than other options because it:

• Produces no carbon monoxide
• Uses hardly any electricity
• Avoids the production of any greenhouse gasses

Geothermal heaters also supply an instant and almost endless supply of hot water, which further allows homeowners and commercial building owners a way to cut back on electricity costs.

3. Safety

Geothermal heating requires no combustion, which automatically makes it the safest option out there. There is no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning as there often is with the average furnace, and the absence of flammable fossil fuels means there’s basically no chance of a fire starting as a result of heating your building.

With these impressive benefits and many others to boast, it’s no wonder that geothermal heating and cooling is becoming the go-to temperature control option for business and homeowners everywhere. Contact us at Chesapeake Geosystems by calling 410-489-1712 or emailing Chesapeake Geo us today to learn about how geothermal energy can power your everyday operations.