Geothermal energy is largely known for saving consumers money and lasting longer than your average energy system. The units are quieter to run and don’t require as many repairs, but the benefits don’t stop there. At Chesapeake Geosystems, Inc., we are committed to helping you understand all the benefits, including those that benefit the environment.

No Dangerous Emissions

The quality of our air is in direct relation to our health and our wellbeing. When energy systems emit dangerous gasses and chemicals into the air, it contributes to our pollution problem. Geothermal systems do not pose that threat. As the system heats and cools your home or office, there are no carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, or other types of greenhouse gasses that enter the air.

Reduced Peak Grid Demand

Geothermal energy reduces the demand for electricity in your home. This decreases the peak grid demand as well, which lessens the need for electric generation plants. These electricity generating plants emit carbon dioxide into the air, also impacting water and biodiversity. With carbon dioxide in the air, climate change becomes a bigger problem. You can see how geothermal energy is a huge factor in preventing this issue.

Augmenting Natural Resources

Because geothermal energy is renewable, we don’t have to worry about our natural resources being depleted. Instead, they can be increased as the earth lives and grows without us taking or killing portions of it to energize our homes.

Contacting the Experts

At Chesapeake Geosystems, Inc., we care about the environment and our quality of life in the future. If you’re considering doing something that will save you money, while also making a positive impact on the environment, geothermal energy is a great option. Call 410-489-1712 or email us today to learn more!