Why We Need Wells in Modern-Day America

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What Can a Water Well Offer?   Water wells are often associated with more primitive ways of life. Modern-day America has come a long way since people needed to source their own water, but some people are voluntarily moving back to it. Find out why. Sustainable Living   An off-grid movement has taken America by

Do You Need to Test Your Well Water?

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Water is a necessary part of living but also something many people take for granted. Although it’s generally quite accessible with public supply, some individuals have wells from which they get their water. Well water is an excellent source of hydration, but it can get contaminated from time to time. There are a few instances

Geothermal Benefits: Behind the Tax Incentives

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A geothermal heat pump is an efficient, environmentally-friendly heating and cooling system. Unlike other heat sources, when you have a geothermal HVAC installed, you have renewable energy stored in your backyard. This is cheaper than fossil fuels and saves you on energy costs too. In addition to energy and cost savings, you can also save

Understanding the Truth Behind Geothermal Myths

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Understanding the Truth Behind Geothermal Myths Green energy is a popular option, but many people don’t understand geothermal. There are a lot of myths that surround geothermal energy that might have deterred you from considering it. The following myths are among the most common and we would like to set them straight. Once you understand

Understanding Geothermal Cooling

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Central air conditioners can be costly to run and repair. A sudden air conditioner breakdown can be particularly frustrating in the middle of summer. Learn how you can enjoy cool, affordable, and reliable climate control by using geothermal cooling. What Is Geothermal? Geothermal heat is the earth’s natural warmth. Below ground, the temperature remains constant

The Well Pump: To Repair or Replace?

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Just like any feature of a property, your well pump needs regular maintenance if you want it to run smoothly. Because it’s essential for fresh water, it’s important to place maintenance as a top priority. But what happens when something malfunctions? Your well pump isn’t exempt from emergent situations, so it’s best to be prepared