Understanding the Truth Behind Geothermal Myths

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Understanding the Truth Behind Geothermal Myths Green energy is a popular option, but many people don’t understand geothermal. There are a lot of myths that surround geothermal energy that might have deterred you from considering it. The following myths are among the most common and we would like to set them straight. Once you understand

A Brief History of Water Wells

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For many Americans, the idea of being responsible for their own tap water may seem archaic. It is much easier to rely on centralized water supply. However, this is not an option in every community. As a result, water wells still play a role even in modern homes all across the country. The Old Water

Understanding Geothermal Cooling

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Central air conditioners can be costly to run and repair. A sudden air conditioner breakdown can be particularly frustrating in the middle of summer. Learn how you can enjoy cool, affordable, and reliable climate control by using geothermal cooling. What Is Geothermal? Geothermal heat is the earth’s natural warmth. Below ground, the temperature remains constant

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