During discussions about renewable energy sources for residential buildings, wind mills and solar panels most often come to mind. Geothermal is a less talked-about option, but is, nonetheless, a worthy investment for heating and cooling building structures. Here’s why you should consider a geothermal option.


Cheaper Than Fossil Fuels

Setting up geothermal systems do require a larger initial investment than fossil fuels. Even so, the system pays for itself several times over. You can expect cost savings of up to 80% compared to fossil fuel options.


No to Low Maintenance Required

Geothermal systems don’t require many moving parts. This contributes to the system’s longevity. Heat pumps can last for up to 20 years, and warranties on the main parts typically range from 25 to 50 years. Not only will you rarely need to do heavy maintenance work and repairs, but it likely won’t be out of pocket for some time to come.


Quiet During Operation

Both window units and wind mills can be loud when you are in close proximity to them. For factories, on-site prefab construction sites, and other places where noise levels are high, this may not be a problem. For homes, classrooms, and office spaces, people will appreciate that smooth, quiet operation.


More Design Flexibility

High ceilings are one of the main selling points homeowners and businessowners look forward to when purchasing property. Unfortunately, plumbing and HVAC units can take up half a foot or more of the ceiling height. In small spaces, lower ceilings can make the space feel even more cramped. Geothermal systems take up much less space, allowing architects to add anything from storage to skylights above.


Unlike solar and wind energy, geothermal energy is used specifically for heating and cooling structures. This makes it a great solution for people who want to lower their heating and cooling costs, but don’t wish to completely go off the grid. Contact Chesapeake Geosystems by calling 410-489-1712 or sending an email to [email protected] for more information today.