Chesapeake Geosystems Inc. is the leader geothermal installers of heating and cooling systems and located in Baltimore, Maryland.

Geothermal heating and cooling systems are:

In its 25 years of operation, Chesapeake Geosystems has earned a reputation as a geothermal contracting firm that delivers projects on time and on budget. Chesapeake Geosystems’ passion for quality is evident in every phase of the job, from consultation to project management. The company maintains its own fleet of late-model drill rigs and excavation equipment operated by licensed, experienced drillers and geothermal installers. Chesapeake Geosystems uses extensive testing procedures at every critical phase of installation to ensure the integrity of the geothermal heating and cooling system and assuring customers of a trouble and maintenance-free operation.

Chesapeake Geosystems has been a pioneer in the geothermal installers industry, and is now one of the largest and most experienced geothermal contracting firms. Government agencies, universities, general contractors and private developers have relied on Chesapeake Geosystems to install quality geothermal heating and cooling systems for public, commercial and large-scale residential projects in Maryland and surrounding states.

Chesapeake Geosystems’s attention to client service is another distinguishing factor of the firm, and is unparalleled in the industry. Every client gets an onsite team that is led by a superintendent. They are on-site from start to finish and can communicate with the client onsite about issues, solving them quickly.
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Chesapeake Geosystems serves all of Maryland, including but not limited to Annapolis and Anne Arundel County, Baltimore City and County, Eastern Shore of Maryland, Howard County, Montgomery County, Prince George County, Southern Maryland, Western Maryland. We also serve surrounding states including Washington, D.C., Delaware, Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and many more.