If you use a private well on your commercial property for water, then you will need to have some knowledge on how a well pump works. Essentially, the well system is what pushes the water found below the ground up into your property. Depending on what type of pump you have, they are often located below the water level. Shallow wells sometimes use jet pumps which are located above ground. No matter what type of pump you have, here are signs to watch for that are a good indicator that you need to replace it.

You Notice the Water Is Dirty

If you notice that your water is dirty, this can indicate a serious issue with your well water pump. Your best line of action if this happens is to not use any of the water and immediately call a professional.

The Faucet Blows Out Air

Your well system is supposed to run water smoothly and easily unless you turned off your pump yourself. If you notice that your faucet is sputtering out air when the water is running, it could indicate that there is trapped air in your system. This can cause serious clogs or water pressure build-up and should be taken care of immediately.

No Water or Poor Water Pressure

If you attempt to turn your water on and there is little to no water coming out, there are various problems you need to be concerned about. Your pump could be broken or there can be a clogged or broken pipe.

Your Pump Constantly Runs

A pump that isn’t running is certainly an issue, but one that doesn’t stop running is a cause for concern. Often, pumps that are worn-out will keep running to try and maintain adequate water pressure. This can also cause a spike in your electricity bills.

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