Geothermal Questions

How much money am I going to save annually?

Savings vary however on average homeowners can expect to save 40%-50% over electric and 60%-80% over fossil fuels.

What tax credits and grants are available?

See our incentives page with list of geothermal rebates and credits.

How much of a mess will this make in my yard?

Nothing that can’t be fixed cosmetically by a landscaping company or little elbow grease.

How long is your backlog?

Generally 6-8 weeks from time of contract execution but we have done 2-3 weeks in emergency situations. Clean up is weather pending and crew availability.

How many systems do you do each year?

We install vertical loops on average of 100 homes per year?

How long do the systems last?

The loops are good for a lifetime with 50 year manufacturer warranty and a 120 year life expectancy. The furnaces are capable of lasting 20-30 years if maintained regularly and properly. The loop can be used again at furnace replacement.

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Water Well Questions

How deep do you need to drill?

All depends on where we are at, we keep records of our wells and have good relationships with the counties to obtain well records. We give as much upfront information as possible but it’s all up to Mother Nature.

How much will a new well cost? Depends on the area and geology for each drilling method is different.

Prices vary, but we will give you a per foot estimate for your particular job and any information we have for wells in the area.

How long does this take?

In emergency situation we can get this done quickly when the equipment is available sometimes with in a day or two. On a standard new construction project it will take 4-6 weeks.

Do you do well pumps and water treatment?

Yes. We can give you estimates for anything water related with your well.

How many water wells do you drill each year?

We drill about 50 per year but the number is steadily rising as we grow.

What if you don’t hit any water?

We never go out to not hit water. If we get in an area that water is hard to find we work with the customers closely to try and not break the bank.

How soon can I use the water after my new well has been hooked up?

After we hook up the new well we chlorinate the well, and the well is run off until the chlorine is out of the well. Once the well is free of chlorine you can shower, wash clothes or bathe but you should not drink the water until after it has passed all county testing.

How long does it take to drill a water well?

It is always different, on most jobs we can be off site in 1-2 day.

Where can we put the well?

The state requires us to be 30’ from a foundation, 15’ from a road, and 10’ from the property line and 50’ from any source of contamination.

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Well Abandonment Questions

Why do I have to abandon my original well?

Because it becomes an open source of contamination to the aquifer that well was drilled into.

Can I abandon my original well myself?

No, the homeowner is required to have a licensed well driller abandon the well.

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