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3 Reasons You Need a Geothermal System

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According to some estimates, current consumption rates could deplete oil deposits by 2052, while coal and natural gas may last until 2060. New discoveries may extend those estimated deadlines, but any newfound supplies are expected to be finite, too. It’s time to look at using geothermal heating, ventilation and air conditioning solutions for homes. These are three of the most common reasons you may choose to invest in a geothermal system.

Effect on Utility Costs

The typical geothermal system can last 20 to 25 years and provide an average reduction of 50 percent in your monthly utility bills. While the climate where you live plays a part in determining your savings, it’s possible to recoup any extra installation costs in less than five years. The system can pay for itself within 10 years, in part because your monthly costs are not affected by fluctuations in prices of oil or natural gas.

Increased Comfort

Geothermal climate control systems can maintain stable temperatures and humidity levels because they don’t use combustion to heat or cool your home. Traditional systems turn off and on in response to changes in temperature, while a geothermal system runs constantly. Geothermal systems generally make no more noise than your refrigerator.

Lessened Environmental Impact

The EPA and the U.S. Department of Energy regard geothermal systems as the most environmentally friendly and energy efficient methods for managing your interior climate. Greenhouse gas emissions are between 50 and 60 percent lower with a geothermal system than can be expected from comparable air exchange systems, and they contribute very little to grid overload during peak electrical usage periods.

When your traditional heating and air conditioning system needs significant repair or is at the end of its useful life, contact Chesapeake Geosystems, Inc. by sending an email to or completing a form submission to discuss how a geothermal system can meet your needs.

Geothermal Heat Pump Tax Credits Approved by Congress

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IGSHPA is pleased to inform you of the recent success for the industry. The Continuing Resolution spending bill signed by President Trump in the early morning hours Friday, February 9, 2018, includes a measure to extend the tax credits for the industry-both residential and commercial. The reinstated tax credits are retroactive to January 1, 2017 and extend to January 1, 2022. A special note of consideration for commercial projects is commercial projects are eligible for the tax credit if commenced by January 1, 2022.

The GeoExchange Organization has been on Capitol Hill many times in the last year asking for the extension of the tax credits to ensure our industry receives parity with the solar industry. GEO staff, manufacturers, and members, including IGSHPA and GEO Board Member Michael Albertson and IGSHPA Board Member Cary Smith, among others participated in executive fly-ins to Capitol Hill with GEO and the National Ground Water Association to ask for reinstatement of the tax credits.

IGSHPA thanks GEO and everyone who lobbied on Capitol Hill, called and/or emailed their member of Congress, or provided job site and company visits for all of their dedication to this effort. We look forward to growing this industry with you in the coming days.

How to Choose a Geothermal Contractor?

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As an increasing number of homeowners and businesses move towards a more sustainable lifestyle, the desire for energy efficient, geothermal heating and cooling systems has been on the rise. As the demand increases, so do the number of contractors offering such systems. But how do you know which to choose? It can be a daunting task choosing a geothermal contractor if you don’t know what to look for, so here are a few tips to get you started.

Licensed & Accredited

isghpa-chesapeake-geosystemsThe most basic qualification to seek out when beginning your search is a licensed contractor. These licenses come with a complete understanding of the local and state building codes, ensuring the work being done is not only compliant, but safe. Look for an IGSHPA (International Ground Source Heat Pump Association) Accredited Installer, which can be done through a simple database search on the IGSHPA Website. These contractors have completed various training classes to ensure the safety and reliability of their work. Chesapeake Geosystems is a qualified IGSHPA Accredited Installer with a highly trained staff to complete a seamless installation and address all issues that may arise.


Once you’ve found a licensed and accredited geothermal contractor, begin to look further into their level of expertise. You want someone who has not only been in the business for many years, but someone who you can trust to know the local terrain, which will ultimately help avoid environmental installation issues. Chesapeake Geosystems has over 25 years of experience in the industry and is considered a local Geothermal expert.

Testing Procedures

Next, check out which, if any, testing procedures the contractor implements during the installation process. You don’t want a geothermal contractor that is going to cut corners. Extensive testing at every phase of installation is critical to ensure the integrity of the geothermal heating and cooling system and in assuring customers of a hassle-free operation. Chesapeake Geosystems conducts testing every step of the way and considers no project complete until your system meets the highest of standards.


find-geothermal-contractorGeothermal heating and cooling systems can only thrive when properly set-up and installed. Take note of the geothermal contractor’s process from start to finish. Consider the level of detail in their proposal, the sizing estimates of the system they are recommending, and the project managers that will be executing the project. Having a superintendent available during the installation process allows for quick and efficient communication for both the client and the install team. Chesapeake Geosystems assigns a superintendent to all projects, big or small, and is always available for customer consultation should you have questions or concerns.
Choosing the right geothermal contractor is crucial to the success and efficiency of your geothermal heating and cooling system. Do your homework and make sure you’re choosing a contractor that is licensed and accredited, experienced, diligent in testing and executes a rigid installation process.

For a geothermal contractor that meets all the criteria, look no further than Chesapeake Geosystems located in Baltimore, Maryland. Click Here for a free quote, or call 1-800-252-4007 to set up a consultation today!

Hybrid Geothermal System Keeps Cornell’s Cell Phone Tower Cool

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Hybrid Geothermal System Keeps Cornell’s Cell Phone Tower Cool

A cellular phone site on Cornell University’s campus uses a geothermal heat pump cooling system for climate control.

In collaboration with Verizon Wireless, Cornell engineers led by graduate student Koenraad Beckers are testing a geothermal heat pump system to control the climate of cellular tower shelters. Already in many homes, geothermal heat pumps use stable underground temperatures to provide efficient space and water heating or cooling.

We love to see universities and large corporations researching ways to use geothermal technology.

Home Energy Report – Geothermal System

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Sometimes you just need to see the numbers. This report is from a client who had a geothermal system installed into their house about 9 years ago. Imagine the money you could save on a yearly basis. This client is using 63% less electricity than their neighbors. That is money in your pocket every month. Click below to see the full report.

Home Energy Report for Geothermal

Job Well Done!

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We love hearing from satisfied clients. Here is a testimonal from one of our clients. We love the work we do and love that our clients are happy with the work we have preformed.

“..I wanted to convey that Lend Lease appreciates Chesapeake (Geosystems) stepping up and assisting us when requested. We have enjoyed working with you everyone at Chesapeake and feel you guys have donw an excellent job. We look forward to working together on another project in the future.” – Project Manager, Lend Lease